Victoria Full Day Sightseeing Tour Highlights


What You See & What You Experience Sightseeing Victoria Full Day Tour..

Victoria, the tiny capital of the Seychelles archipelago boasts great legends and sites that will amaze you. Join us by touring this quaint little city to understand the people, its culture, history and ways of life. The tour originates at the time of pick up at your hotel. Your driver will take you to the Stad Popiler Stadium.

From there you will walk down the Fiennes Esplanade and visit the colourful artisan kiosk sporting souvenirs of the Seychelles. While here, you may spot that favourite Seychelles made souvenir for family and friends or for yourself. Then you will make your way into the centre of Victoria visting the Clock Tower, the replica of the Big Band of London.

Victoria Full Day Sightseeing Tour

Close by you will visit the Queen Victoria memorial as you cross the road to the Post Office located in the Liberty Building. From there you will walk to the Flood memorial and cross the road to visit the St Paul’s Cathedral. This place is full of history and architectural works that will amaze you. You will then visit the Camion Hall which hosts the finest art and craft shops in the country. Time to shop and understand the creative and enterprising spirits of the nation.

After a nice stroll you will arrive at the Sir Selwyn Clark markets, the heart of the nation where you will experience firsthand the cultural, social exchange of the population. Similarly, the colour and life the markets will wow you with its tropical fruits, vegetables and fish. This is a great place to also get special souvenirs for yourself or love ones. From there you will experience the religious diversity and faith of the population by visiting the Hindu Temple, the Catholic Church, the Domus.

You trip will not be complete without a stroll into the Bel Air Cemetry to hear the legends of Kings and giants. Finally you will visit the art gallery of Kaz Zanana (Pine Apple House) before visiting the beautiful Botanical Gardens. A place of great discovery to marvel at the giant tortoise and the coco de mer. This cultural and historical trip provides you with a great understanding and insight into Seychellois ways of life. It is a fantastic experience, one of discovery so come join us. Also available as Half day tour of Victoria.