Seychelles Peak Morne Blanc Trail Highlights


What You Experience Trailing Seychelles Most Highest Point Morne Blanc..

As usual, you’ll be picked up by our driver who will take you to the foothills of the Morne Blanc. Your trek trail to Seychelles peak Morne Blanc goes up to 667 m. (over 2188 ft.) altitude. You will meet your knowledgeable, qualified local guide who will show you the surrounding location of the Tea Factory and Tavern close by.

You will be awestruck by the views from the tavern. From the tavern you will make your way into the dense forests of Morne Blanc. You will learn about the tropical trees that form a shaded canopy on your trek. Your guide will instruct you on the animals and birds, their habits and sounds they make.

Seychelles Peak Morne Blanc Trail

Furthermore, experience the colours of the wildflowers and the animals that inhabit this fascinating place. While at the 667 metre (over 2188 ft.) summit find birds nesting in the cracks of gigantic granite boulders. Enjoy the magnificent views of the Southwestern coast of Mahe, the main island of Seychelles. Finally, gaze into the horizons from the summit and view islands of Conception & Therese basking in the sunlight and the deep blue seas. Certainly, you’ll have time to relax and soak in the atmosphere of perfect air.

After a restful time at the peak of Morne Blanc you will make your descent to the foothills to board your bus that will take you to the Port Glaud waterfalls. There near these clear fresh waters you guide will update you on stories of the place. You will have the opportunity to take a dive into the waters or simply take beautiful pictures of the location. The you will walk amongst mangrove trees and discover the wonders of these plantations and their contribution to the preservation of the coastal areas and marine life in Seychelles. Lastly you will get a sneak preview of the picturesque beach of Port Launay before boarding your bus to your lodging. Join us and explore the natural vegetation of the Seychelles.