Sainte Anne Marine National Park Day Tour Highlighs


What You See & What You Experience on Sainte Anne Marine National Park Day Trip..

First of all, this boat trip starts with transfers from your hotel to the Marine Charter. A marina teeming with beautiful boats and marine creatures basking in its crystal waters. The Ste Anne Marine National Park Day Tour comprises of six beautiful granitic islands of Ste Anne, Cache, Round, Long, Moyenne & Cerf Islands.

You will surely enjoy island hopping on three of these wonderful islands of the inner Seychelles group. Likewise, this trip will take you to views of the amazing coral conservation efforts being undertaken to protect the marine life of the Seychelles archipelago.

Sainte Anne Marine National Park Day Tour

In this marine playground you will enjoy feed a multitude of colorful fish. Similarly, if snorkelling in the crystal-clear turquoise waters to discover the diverse marine life that call this sanctuary their home. You will walk in the footsteps of pioneers and pirates as you trek onto Moyenne Island, a place filled with colonial history.

Giant tortoises that roam freely on the island greet every newcomer. Learn about the history and natural plantations on the island. On the horizon you will see Mahe and all the other small islands of the inner group. You will be treated to an alfresco creole BBQ on Cerf Island and get the chance to explore the beaches on the island. Your boat trip will get you to view the other islands namely Ste Anne, Long and Round island from afar. You will love this island-hopping trip filled with snorkeling, swimming, fish feeding and learning about marine conservation. Join us on this must do boat trip of several Paradise islands of Seychelles. Not convinced yet, take a look as some other popular Seychelles island hopping tours.