Romance in Paradise

Seychelles is the perfect love nest for your memorable romantic escapes. A unique place under the southern stars, Seychelles provide an exotic environment, captivating unspoiled beaches awash with turquoise clean seas, a romantic culture a friendly people to delight and serve your needs. The physical environment is ready to bless your union with lush green vegetation and wonderful marine creatures. Close your eyes and see yourself being serenaded with exotic sounds, savouring the tastes of paradise and kissing into the sunset. Seychelles offers romance and pleasures untold., through its parent company Sez Travel offers the following romantic holiday itineraries:

  • Seychelles Romantic Wedding

As the sun goes down in paradise, the perfect setting for your romantic wedding in Seychelles enfolds. A special meal, the choice champagne, a present to cherish forever, or maybe it is time to propose?  Whatever your plans, you will find plenty of places for romance in the Seychelles islands. The tropical climate is perfect for long strolls on the beach, hand in hand. Seychelles is a place of magical resorts, natural beauty, cultural heritage, charming lifestyle, gastronomy, the magical place to exchange your vows of eternal love and loyalty in this unique island island country.

  • Honey Mooner’s Blyss

Seychelles provides excitement, peace and the perfect serenity to escape to for your honey moon. has a number of perfect hide-aways in the form of lodgings for newlyweds. Our accommodations range from five-star hotels to nice private villas, guest houses and rooms.

  • Love Cove Beach Tours

Crystal white powdery beaches adorn the coasts of the Seychelles islands. These places are perfect hide-aways for romance. Enjoy candlelight dinners under the perfect blue sky as you watch the sun slowly makes its way behind the horizon. Find a secret hiding place on the beach to enjoy each other’s company. Love is awesome in Seychelles!

  • Romantic Car Tours

Work with us to plan your once in a life time tours. Our professional driver/guides will take you on a trip of a life time. Whether to the perfect beach or get away, our car tours can take you round the islands of Praslin, Mahe and La Digue. Should you decide to elope on your own book one of our comfortable cars and drive away to your hearts’ content to the place of your choosing.. Whichever takes your fancy is delighted to assist.

  • Outer Island Escapades

Seychelles Alphonse Island is a great place for the perfect love escapades on the outer island. If you both are marine enthusiast or desire this secluded yet sought after escapade, this package is for you. Alphonse is the treat of a life time.

  • Isands of Love Eloper Package

Seychelles is well known as the islands of Love. Our Island of Love Eloper Packages provides you the opportunity to spend your precious moments on Praslin, La Digue, Denis and other romantic locations in Paradise. Get up close and personal with giant tortoises, exotic nuts and birds endemic to the Seychelles islands. Cruise along the various landmarks such as St Pierre, Coco islands and sip the juicy extracts of the lush palm trees that adorn these perfect get ways. These islands have fabulous retreats for romance, love and relaxation

  • Love Bird Tours

Love Bird Tours are designed for newlyweds who want to enjoy a bird’s view of the sky. These helicopter tours will take you round the islands of Seychelles where you can be engulfed in the passionate beauty of creation. Enjoy the sights and wonders of both the land and flying exclusively over the Seychelles. It is the dream of a life time!

  • Sunset Romantic Escapes

Sail to the sunset on a love boat. Enjoy the sounds and sight of marine creatures as the fresh air of the blue yonder touches your skin. Exchange kisses and lovely caress as you watch nature and the marine life come alive before your very eyes. Be dazzled by the most beautiful sunset ever seen. Love is in the air by the sights and every sound. Feel the magic and majesty of the seas on these wonderful cruises.

  • Romantic Wellness Packages

Spend time in complete relaxation as you both enjoy a nice and peaceful massage ridding your bodies of all the stress of previous activities. Let our expert hands provide you with the relief and wellness your bodies deserve. Better still treat your mind body and soles, recharge your bodies, regenerate your performances through the touches and smells of our professional services. A love treat of a life time!

  • Romantic Essentials

No honey moon or wedding is complete without the services of professional hairstylists, wedding planners, wedding coordinators, private chefs, bakers, celebrants and all. has coordinated all these professionals into an orchestra to provide you the individualised services you require to make your dream come true in Seychelles.