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Above all, ignite the passion for big game fishing trips. Join this private fishing adventure tour in the deep blue seas of the Mahe Plateau of the Seychelles islands. This tour is combined with a sojourn from the man-made island of Eden. Furthermore, from there you will sail on private fishing trips to the best banks the country sports.

Similarly, the Mahe plateau provides abundant fishing banks teeming with colourful fish. Likewise, these deep turquoise waters hide some of the best and biggest sailfish and other fish species. Probably, the perfect catch will result in photos to show off your fishing prowess to friends and loved ones back at home. Certainly, to ensure you get the true thrill of big game fishing, your boat is equipped with the latest fishing gear. Finally, the deep oceans of the Seychelles will fascinate you with the daily catch almost guaranteed!

Private Fishing Trips-Deep Blue Tours

Qualified, experienced and friendly crew will follow you all the way. Experienced local fisherman will take your boat to sites where the best catches are made. Choose from state of the art catamarans in various sizes and capacity to ensure you have a enjoyable trip.

Finally, all the necessary support, assistance and guidance from our skilled, friendly crew members stand available. Your catch may easily weather the boat size & weight permit. Hop onto to a nearby island and savour the fish on a beach BBQ. Choose to guarantee the thrill of real game fishing whilst holidaying in the Seychelles. Book now or, contact us for an unforgettable and unique private fishing experience in Seychelles.