Mountain Range Trail Trois Frere Nature Walk Highlights


What You See & What You Experience at the Mountain Trails of Trois Frere..

The Trois Frere Nature walk is the kindle for adventure and mountain climbing in Seychelles. This nature trail takes you to one of Trois Frere (in creole “three brothers”) hilltops. Test your stamina and get your adrenaline as you scale up to the top of this mountain. First of all, enjoy a panoramic 180 degree view of Victoria, the East Coast and the inner island group. Furthermore, the trip is an educational experience into the fauna and flora located in the deep green forest. Extraordinary plants on the mountain will fascinate all.

Discover a botanical phenomena of the fabulous Nepenthes Pervelli Latin for the Pitcher Plant. A species found in the hills of Trois Frere mountain range. Another spectacular place for photo shots of these carnivorous plants that survive in the crags of the granite boulders of the Trois Frere. Most noteworthy, these species of plants eat small bugs and insect to survive.

Mountain Trail Trois Frere Nature Walk

The Paille En Queue and other species of birds that call these hills home will fascinate you. After a steep climb onto the top of the mountain you will be greeted by big granitic boulders, spectacular views and the symbol of the cross testament to the religious faith of the nation. Likewise, this metal cross replaced a wooden one erected there on 19th October 1956 to commemorate the passage of Prince Philip of England.

Consequently, the trip is the holy grail of mountain climbing in Seychelles. Due to It’s steep and slippery paths, endurance and stamina are at test. Finally, discover the secrets of the pinnacle of the mountains that cradle the island of Mahe, Again, steep granite boulders between lush vegetation that surrounds all of Seychelles.