Mountain Climbing Mapavyon, Signal Hill Highlights


What You Experience at Climbing Mapavyon, Signal Hill in Seychelles..

Trek up to Signal Hill, an easy mountain climbing experience. Rise four hundred and seventeen meters above the tiny capital City of Victoria. Breathtaking views and stunning photo shots. From this viewpoint, you will enjoy the stunning beauty of Victoria and the northern areas. As you alight from the transport at Mont Buxton, you will take a short walk along a dense forest path, learning about the tropical plants as you pass by.

Your experienced guide will teach you about the significant role the mountain played in the maritime history of the Seychelles. Likewise, the Creole name of the place Mapavyon is synonymous with the Mountain of Flags expressing the role played by the guards who used a combination of flag signals to warn the Harbour Master of impending ships coming into Port Victoria.

Mountain Climbing Mapavyon Signal Hill in Seychelles

The place is awe inspiring with lots of opportunities for photo sessions and a quick bite of tropical fruits. Furthermore, you can take a walk down to Beau Vallon or Mare Anglaise. On the way you will learn about the vegetation and the areas of the trail leading to the North of Mahe mainland. At Beau Vallon you will experience Seychelles beaches at its best. This place is a wonder for you to experience all the seaside experience Seychelles has to offer.

You can take a dip in the stunning clear waters of the Indian Ocean to cool off from your long trek on Signal Hill. This Mountain trail has wonderful views, scenery and your guide will ensure to provide a great cultural experience. Therefore, you are encouraged to bring along your cameras, to take memorable shots to take home with you to cherish for a lifetime. Trekking Signal Hill with is a must do walking trail when visiting the Seychelles. Book this activity and get the best of your Seychelles holiday.