Mahe Northern Tour

Mahe – Northern Tour

Bel Ombre: Le Vasseur Treasure

History of Seychelles is loaded with stories of Pirates and buried treasures. The tour takes you to the The Labuze Bel Ombre Treasure Site, epitomising the legends of Olivier Le Vasseur, nicknamed La Buse, or the Buzzard in English.  A walk round the treasure site brings you into contact with the 1770’s history of the high seas.  Legend believes that the biggest treasure of that time contained in three chests, each about seven feet long and three feet wide is buried in this location.  Familiarise yourself with the stories of the biggest treasure hunts by successive families namely the Savy and Wilkins who have invested money and effort in the quest to unearth the spoils of bygone years. Overlooking the treasure site is the magnificent Olivier Le Vasseur Treasure Cove Restaurant, a picture perfect site!

Anse Marie Laure

Anse Marie Laure is a small, often-deserted beach on the north-west coast of Mahé. Situated just a few hundred metres from popular Beau Vallon beach, this small quiet bay is a perfect place for relaxing and ideal for couples looking for privacy.Despite having some currents the place is ideal for a stroll on the beach. Just feeling the white powdery sand in between your toes is magic in itself.

Mare Anglaise: the name is English refers to a marsh area or pond where British settlers drew water. Located close to Beau Vallon, this site enjoys the same patch of white sandy beaches as its other neighbours. Significant are the secluded areas located in the dense greeneries that characterise it. The place receives its water source from rivers such as  ‘Riviere Philogene’ which is also found in Anse Etoile. The Association of these two rivers make reference to the historical owners of the land or the people who used to live in that vicinity. The place is home to a few of Seychelles top leaders inclusive of the President. Mare Anglaise being close to Beau Vallon has evolved to become a tourist area boasting Diving Centres, Small Hotels, Guest Houses and Car Hires.


Glacis which its Creole name is associated with rocky outcropsis situated on the North West cost of Mahe. Synonymous to its name, Glacis is punctuated by rocky outposts, tiny beaches with lots of green lush vegetation offering the perfect hide- away or shade to its visitors. It overlooks the Indian Ocean and the spectacular bay of Beau Vallon and the mysterious islands of Silhouette and North Island (Ile Du Nord). Glacis has a small but influential fishing community and the fish market is located near the beach. The area is a show case of traditional fishing activities with colourful boats near the sea shore. Glacis plays host to two major hotels that of the Sunset Beach Hotel and Hilton Northolme. A smaller hotel, Bliss hosts a dive centre and provides snorkelling round the islet. Sunset Beach Hotel is located on a rockyinterface with great opportunities for fish feeding. It is an ideal area to relax and gaze at the sunset. After a Creole ‘pied dans le sable’ breakfast, our tour meanders down the northern coastline exposing the beautiful homes and lush green vegetation. Further down the coast is the Carana Beach Hotel at Carana. Here again there is a spectacular beach in a small cove. This beach is the ideal place to stretch your bodies or soak the atmosphere of the elements of sand, sun and surf.

North East Point

North East Point is a stretch of 1.5 kilometers of white sandy beach surrounded by turquoise tropical waters. The southern-most tip of the beach is a bit rocky and a perfect place to observe octopus fishermen. With the nice waves this makes a perfect place for surfing. For the light hearted, the stretch of beach is very inviting for a casual leisurely walk. Feel the talcum powdered sand between your toes, a relaxing experience.

For a great shopping or educational experience, our tour will take you to Seychelles best Perfume Factory, the KreolFleurage. This is a place where the exotic scents of the islands are blended together to make unique perfumes that are sold both locally and internationally. Take a tour of the factory and learn about the magic of our forests, its specific scents and the wonders they create for our souls and bodies.

Anse Etoile

Anse Etoile (Star Beach as its name suggests) has a small beach cove. However the area is a splendid location to observe the fishing community at its best. With the sea basking its beautiful coastline this place is full of fishermen selling their marine wares near the road. Colourful boats are seen close to the road. The place is a great spot to view the Perseverance coastline, another man-made island of the Seychelles archipelago.

Ma Constance

Visit one of Seychelles last maquette makers. Here at the home studio of Boat Maquette maker Mr Robin. In his small home workshop Mr Robin exposes you to his trade and wares. He is one of the best craftsmen left in his trade. Learn about his love for turning wood into century old boat maquettes that decked our shores. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase something hand made in Seychelles for self or loved ones.


From Anse Etoile, the tour meanders down to Majoie, the home of the Guy Morel Institute, the first college for public sector learning. If time permits, our trip will take you to the Guy Morel view point which provides an excellent look out into the Ste Anne Marine Park and the man-made island of Perseverance.

La Bastille

The La Bastille is an old colonial building north of the centre of Victoria.  Designed by Alfred Leit, and built in 1930s by Mr. Ange Pillieron. Synonymous to its name, the building is of the imposing height and brooding impregnability. Until 2017 La Bastille was occupied by the National Heritage division of the Ministry of Culture. Acquaint yourself with the architecture of the early 1900, and be provided with the perfect opportunity to learnabout some of the medicinal plants of Seychelles located in the nearby garden, the Jardin La Bastille, which is of interest to herbalists from the Indian Ocean. Be exposed to stories of ghosts as the place is believed to be haunted.

Ile Du Port

The tour then takes you to the decision making centre of the country better known as Ile Du Port, the bastion of Seychelles Judicial and Parliamentary System. Take pictures of the majestic architectures of the Chinese built Palais De Justice and the National Assembly of Seychelles. The Palais De Justice was officially opened on 17th June 2013. The building houses the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal of the Seychelles. The Palais (Palace) was opened by the President of Court of Appeal, Mr. Francis MacGregor and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr. Frederick Egonda-Ntende, in the presence of the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Seychelles at the time.

Ile Du Port also hosts the National Assembly of Seychelles, a building sponsored by both the Chinese and Seychelles Government. Politics in Seychelles has evolved from a one party state in 1977 to a multi party system introduced in 1993. Seychelles is experiencing a cohabitation arrangement in the National Assembly being dominated by the Opposition L’Union Demokratik Seselwa (LDS). The tour provides an opportunity to take a picture of the buildings as wonderful memento of your visit to the Seychelles.

Ile Du Port also plays host to the industrial fishing sector, with the newly build 425 meters fishing quay. The quay facility is the hub for loading of tuna vessels for exportation to Europe and other parts of the world.


Perseverance is a man-made island built with the purpose of accommodating ten thousand households by 2020. It is funded by the Badea Funds of Dubai in corporation with the Government of Seychelles. The location plays host to the Seychelles Navy, Ministry of Lands and Habitat as well as a newly built hospital, primary and secondary schools. The architecture of the place is one that is typical of the European and Mediterranean regions with its high ceilings and semi high rise structures. There are two small food outlets and shops in the area. It is a great place for sight-seeing with a small stretch of beach that provides a perfect view into the Ste Anne Marine Park. Perseverance provides a snapshot of the emerging culture and ways of life of a new Seychellois community. It provides a great sense of place and time in the evolution of community living in Seychelles and contrasts greatly with other suburbs or districts in Seychelles. The tour provides you an in depth understanding of the locations, the people of Seychelles and our ways of living.

English River is the seat of our telecommunication and broadcasting Service. Union Vale as most people would refer to the location of the Seychelles Broadcasting Service, Radio Sesel. Seychelles Radio came into being in 1965 and operated at Mont Fleuri. It later occupied these premises. The Seychelles Radio building has just been demolished to make place for an ultra-modern broadcasting facility which hopefully will be completed in a few years. Today Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation remains an important contributor to information dissemination in the country.

Tour Details

Operates: Monday to Sunday
Departs: 8am from Hotel
Returns: approx 5.30 pm

– Adult TBA €
– Children TBA €

Note: Some places may be closed on certain days, we will visit another place for a similar experience.

What’s Included:

  • Pick Up and drop from and to Hotel
  • Tour Guide
  • Creole Breakfast/Creole Buffet lunch
  • Entrance fees

Upgrade Options: There are no upgrade options with this tour.

What to Bring: Sun screen, Cameras, swim wear, beach towel

What to wear: Comfortable walk wear shoes, light cotton clothing

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