La Digue Grand Anse, Maron & Anse Source D’Argent Trails Highlights


What You Experience at La Digue Grand Anse, Maron & Anse Source D’Argent beaches..

Explore the three most picturesque La Digue Beaches by booking this wonderful trek with the guidance of an experienced guide. Meet your guide at the La Digue Jetty or the L’Union Estate Helipad. From either, your off to take a scenic ride in a traditional taxi club car or little truck. First of all, you discover the grand granitic boulders and amazing view of La Digue Beaches of Grand Anse.

With its azure waters and white sandy beaches and green palm trees, Grand Anse is a site to explore. With its deep waters and strong current, this location is not the best place for a swimming. But, great to experience by lazing in the sun or just taking memorable photos of the fascinating location. After enjoying some delicious tropical fruits and coconut you will make your way through dense forest. Soon after, by some rock cavities to the awe-inspiring beach of Anse Marron.

La Digue Beaches Grand Anse, Maron & Anse Source D’Argent Trails

Furthermore, get amazed by the environment, the crystal fresh waters, the granite formations and the talcum sands that massage your feet as you stroll along the sand dunes. After hearing stories of La Digue, its culture and places nearby, you will take a final trek amidst tropical plants. Lear their names and somehow taste its fruits should they be in season. Finally, you will be guided to the La Digue plateau to Anse Source D’Argent.

This world re-known beach with its spectacular upward standing boulders from the fine white sands. Anse Source D’Argent boasts on of the greatest little La Digue beaches and hide away for you to explore. Choose a love cove to snorkel, swim and enjoy your time. Theses beaches are simply magnificent white beaches with turquoise-blue seas. Perfect green lush palm trees and boulders make them a great location to enjoy paradise. If you like scenic beaches, book this trail on the island of La Digue!