La Digue Hiking Trails – Nid Aigle-Anse Coco


What You Experience at Hiking Trails La Digue Nid Aigle-Anse Coco..

Trek to Nid D’Aigle and have an eagle’s eye panoramic view of La Digue island. You will experience the most splendid walk trail that will challenge your stamina, energy and crave for adventure in paradise Seychelles. Therefore, this combo nature and sea experience is perfect for the thrilled seeker of La Digue Hiking Trails.

At first, your experience guide will meet you at the jetty or near the helipad to take you there. Nid D’Aigle, the highest point on La Digue island rises some three hundred and thirty three meters above sea level. Secondly, you will be mesmerized by the perfect and breathtaking views of the islands of Marianne, Felicite, Praslin and Fregate under a clear blue sky.

Hiking Trails La Digue Nid Aigle-Anse Coco

Furthermore, the scenery and the steep climb is a truly impressive and rewarding. From the dependent on the collective decision as to which site to visit first between Nid D’Aigle and Anse Coco, your guide will take you to the most wonderful beaches of Anse Coco. You will truly love this isolated corner of paradise, a haven for photographers. These sites and natural beauty will overwhelm and amaze you at the same time. View the tropical azure sky combed with fine white sands. Enjoy green palm vegetation and the deep blue seas, a picture-perfect location will wow you.

Here you can take lonely walks hand in hand with your loved one in a relaxed manner with the fresh sea breeze blowing to cool you off from the trek. You can also enjoy the shade by just lazing around away from the tropical glare of the sun. If you are an avid swimmer the natural pools or the turquoise waters will be the perfect appeal for you. If you are an experienced snorkeler dependent on the tides and the weather conditions and under direct supervision of your guide you can experience a dip with the wonderful marine creatures along the coast of Anse Coco. Come trek to Nid D’Agle and experience the best isolated but picture-perfect beach of Anse Coco. You will be glad you booked with us.