Beach Hopping Tour

Beach Hopping Tour

Dependent on time and the weather the tour will take you to the following places:

Point Larue Airport

As you pass the Seychelles International Airport at Pointe Larue ensure to take a snap of the Ros Tortue (tortoise rock) located in the middle of the roundabout at the airport. To your right are the mountain peaks basked with granite outcrops and lush vegetations.

Anse Aux Pins Beach

One of the most sedimentary beaches of the island, this small stretch of beach provide an excellent view onto the Ile Soleil, the place of our sunrise. Yellow in colour the beach is highly frequented by fisherman. Get to meet the locals and explore their trade. Take a stroll down the beach and feel the difference in the type of sand as it massages the sole of your feet, purely a heavenly gift.

Reef Hotel Beach

Reef Hotel Beach is located near the Reef Hotel Gold Estate.  As you stroll down this stretch of beach be dazzled by the silhouette of the islands of  La Digue and gazing southwards is the headland of Pointe Au Sel and the half-moonshaped beach of Au Cap. These magnificent views are for your enjoyment.

A slow drive southwards takes you to the Creole Institute. The institute is a depiction of the Creole Grand Kaz (House) reminiscent of 19thCentury architecture. The Institute Houses the memoirs and edicts of Seychelles Creole Language and Culture. It gives life and meaning to Seychellois lexicons, grammar through its collaboration with various Creole speaking nations. A preserver of Seychellois Heritage the Grand Kaz of the Institute itself is reminiscent of the life of the first settlers and plantation land owners who impacted the history, traditions and ways of life of this small island nation.

Domaine Val De Pres

Just a stone throw from the Creole Institute is the Domaine Val De Pres, an arts and craft village.Val De Pres is the ideal place to meet local artisans and to purchase the perfect memorabilia of your stay in Paradise. Let your creative juices be tantalised by watching our expert Potter Mr Arnephie guide you through the art of clay pottery.A tour round the village exposes yourcreative expertise of Seychellois artisans. Stalls like Silver Tee and are a must to visit.

Opposite the Domaine is a beautiful shaded beach area.  A short walk to the location, one is awestruck by the Turtle Bay Beach, a popular beach in the south-east of Mahé, well-known for its shallow, calm waters and beautiful sandy surface. The calm ocean surface makes Turtle Bay ideally-suited to swimmers, snorkelers, and windsurfers, while the peaceful atmosphere of the beach lends itself well to picnickers and sunbathers.Turtle Bay provides uninterrupted views of the ocean which are ideal for photographers and sightseers, while the shallow water and calm ocean surface provides an ideal spot for water sports. Whatever your fancy, the trip to these beaches exposes you to all sorts of opportunities to spend the perfect time in Paradise.

La Plaine St Andree

Visit this old plains situated on an ancient colonial plantation dating in the early nineteenth century, the La Plaine St Andre is now home to the Takamaka Bay Distillery. The place boastsmagnificent architectural masterpieces serving the distillery, restaurant and bar.  A tour of the distillery provides you with an opportunity to either buy or savour some of the Takamaka Bay Spirits . The atmosphere of the place is serene and welcoming. It is nestled in close to Au Cap Beach amongst the broad green leaves of the bread fruit trees intermingling with the beautiful scent of frangipani flowers.

Pointe Au Sel Beach

Driving Southwards from Asian Fusion Restaurant, jammed pack in the centre of Point Au Sel a stone throw from Crown Beach and Villa El Dorado and next to M.S supermarket lies the Pointe Au Sel Beach. A quiet but nice place nestled beneath the green foliage of takamaka trees.

Fairy Land: Anse Royale

Fairy Land will wow you with its stunning beauty and appeal to all your memories of the Seychelles.Fairy land is really anenchanting place, ideal place for swimming and experiences the richness of the deep blue of the Seychelles islands. The place provides a view to the Bay of Anse Royale against a backdrop of lush green mountain peak punctuated by granite outcrops. Stroll the beach taking photos of this picturesque location. This land of the Fairies is ideal for snorkelling and swimming thus providing you with awesome encounter with the abundance of our tropical marine paradise.

Anse Royale

The Anse Royale is longer than all other beaches on Mahé, yet it is secluded and you are protected from the rough sea here. It is a place where you can swim, snorkel and relax to your heart’s content. The Anse Royale towncentre is a buzz of activities boasting speciality shops, souvenirs, restaurants,a pizzeria and a small market. Furtherdown the road visit the Anglican church of SaintSauveur, one of the smallest and century old churches in Seychelles. Behind the Church is a perfect stretch of beach for photoshooting.

As the coach drives you further up the road, come into contact with the most wonderful sea views located near the Catholic Church and the secondary school. The well manicured church grounds are a charming location to enjoy the deep blue sea and experience the waves gushing from the horizons. Southwards from the Church you can view the headlands of Anse Forbans with the ocean caressing its coasts, foreboding of what’s yet to be enjoyed.

Anse Parnell

Visit thisshort stretch of crystal white sandy beach close to Surfers Cafe. This is a flawless place to relax and swim. This quiet beach is mostly shaded thanks to its many palm trees jutting over the sand, which is good if you’re looking to relax without getting sunburned with the mid-day sun.. Hope you’re blessed to enjoy the turtles coming in and out of the water. Anse Parnell beach is a heaven for surfers and it has great swells

Anse Forbans

As you drive Southwards from Surfer’s Cafe, nestled in between the Allamanda Hotel and Anse Forbans Chalet is a tiny stretch ofbeach. With ample parking the beach is a perfect location for swimming and strolling. Feel the pearly, soft white sand in between your toes as you gaze towards the horizon and be mesmerised by the views of the deep limitless blue seas the archipelago.

Anse Marie Louise

Situated just a stone throw from the Anse Forbans Chalet, this beautiful beach is a feast for the eyes. Located in between coconut trees, the beach with its huge boulders is an ideal hideaway and a great location to snorkel. It is a brilliant nest for lovers who wish to enjoy the secluded aspect of Eden.

Intendance Beach

A left turn off the main road to Takamaka and driving past the little boutique shop of Pascalino and continuing onwards saddled by the mountains and the 5 Star Resort of Banyan Tree Seychelles is Intendance Beach. Despite the muddy trail to the sandy beach, one is mesmerised by the view of turquoise waters and splashing surfs that characterised this beautiful spot. It is a long white sand expanse with some of the most beautiful crystalline turquoise water you can find in this side of paradise. Since reefs do not protect it, you get some incredible waves, which makes it an excellent beach to surf or even body surf.Although not a great place to swim year round, Intendance is a place for detente and sunbathing in the peaceful yet idyllic beach of the Seychelles.

Police Bay & Grand PoliceThis set of sedimentary beach nestled amid granite boulders is a picturesque location that will take your breath away. Police Bay masks a great laboratory of marine life unequal to the rest of the world. An ideal beach to lay down on without the cares of the world and give ears to the sound of crashing waves, nature at its best.

Anse Takamaka – Mahe

Takamaka is a quiet beach in Mahe but great for bathing and snorkelling. Take time to get up close and personal with the giant tortoises located here. Feel the waves or just laze around and soak the tropical atmosphere with the surf gushing on the rocks surrounding this majestic bay. Better still take a stroll along its white sandy beaches which intermingles with stunning granite boulders providing you with the perfect hide away. Visit the surroundings of the Chez Baptista Kreol Restaurant as you make your way to Ros Sodier should weather and time permit.

Port Launay BeachBe enthralled by this lovely, horseshoe shaped arc of white sands, with calm and relatively deep waters forming a natural harbour. A protected marine reserve, the place is excellent for snorkelling – both along the rocks to the right of the bay and around the cross marking the mouth of the bay. With spectacular  green mountains on both sides of the granite hill feel surrounded by nature while on this beach looking out to sea.

For nature lovers a small walk up the lonesome road exposes the beauty of the lush vegetation leading to Baie Ternay, another park in its own right showcasing the exotic marine life and the coastal paradise of Seychelles.

Main Activities on this tour:

Sight-seeing, beach hopping, swimming and snorkelling

Tour Details

Operates: Monday to Sunday
Departs: 8am from Hotel
Returns: approx 5.30 pm

– Adult TBA €
– Children TBA €

Note: Some places may be closed on certain days, we will visit another place for a similar experience.

What’s Included:

  • Pick Up and drop from and to Hotel
  • Tour Guide
  • Creole lunch
  • Entrance fees

Upgrade Options: There are no upgrade options with this tour.

What to Bring: Sun screen, Cameras, swim wear, beach towel

What to wear: Comfortable walk wear shoes, light cotton clothing

Advise: Ensure you have travel insurance and physically fit to undertake the activities. The activities may take you to uneven gravel paths, you will therefore need to have proper foot wear and be able to walk in these places.

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