Beach Hopping Half Day Tour Highlights


What You See & What You Experience on this Beach Hopping (Haf Day Tour)..

This tour originates with pick up from your hotel. You will experience Beach Hopping Half Day to see the famous white sandy beaches of the main island of Mahe. You will visit the small stretch of beach at Anse Aux Pin. There, you will see the local fisherman bringing in the catch of the day. From the beach you will have a sneak preview of Ile Soleil, a newly made island.

You will then stroll to the Reef Hotel Beach to see the wonderful horizon and experience the warmth of the tropical waters as it caresses your toes. Furthermore, your bus will take you south wards to the beaches of Point Au Sel and you will spend some time at Fairy Land Anse Royale where you can enjoy a swim or snorkel before boarding your bus to Anse Forbans.

Beach Hopping Half Day Tour

This lovely stretch of beach provides shade for relaxation and a short swim. After that you will board the bus for a tour of Anse Takamaka. This lovely beach with its boulders is ideal and secluded beach to spend time close to the Chez Baptista Creole Restaurant. After a relaxed time at Takamaka you will be taken to Intendance Beach where you will spend the rest of the time at leisure. This wonderful beach will wow you!

Close to nature and famous for its sands and beautiful turquoise waters, you find lots to do at the beach. A short stroll, a nice swim close to the shore or just the perfect relaxation. Join us on this half day beach hopping tour. Four hours packed with swimming, snorkeling and relaxation on some of the best beaches of the Seychelles. Discover more beaches with the full day beach hopping tour.