SezTravel Seychelles DMC & SezHoliday

SezTravel DMC is an innovative Destination Management Company & Local Tour Operator. It aims to provide authentic and idyllic Seychelles holiday to visitors. SezTravel believes that Seychelles is much more than a sand sea and surf destination. To that effect, we have developed strategic partnerships with local entrepreneurs to provide our visitors with a truly unique and memorable Seychelles experience. SezTravel prides itself in innovation, finding truly unique ways for visitors to enjoy Seychelles, its culture, people and physical surroundings. Our staff are on hand to assist you to get to know our country within a friendly and relaxed environment.

Local Economic development and Corporate Social Responsibility are key principles that SezTravel adheres to. We endeavour to partner with locals to ensure that our tourism business impact the lives of Seychellois people.

CSR As part of our commitment to social responsibility we support the following two Non Government Organisations:

  1. LIFE AND WATER SEYCHELLES (LAWS) – An environmental conservation NGO dedicated to supporting young people
  2. NOAH’s CENTRE: A welfare based NGO working towards the empowerment of disadvantaged children, women and you.

SezTravel is committed to the protection of the protection of all life forms on our planet. We believe that sustainable tourism is key to preserving our planet’s ecosystem for the sound development of our country and people.

Our Services

Our Products are tailor made with the visitor in mind. We provide a hassle free service from your arrival and beyond.

Meet and Greet Services

  • A team of multi lingual representatives on a shift basis or upon requests
  • Personalised welcome and assistance on a shift basis or upon request
  • Privileged contact with service providers such as airport services, airlines, car hire, boat charters etc

Customer Service Department:

  • Available 24/7
  • A qualified team to deal with situations effectively and efficiently
  • Work close with service providers to ensure the best quality services are provided in terms of ticketing, transfers, accommodation and others
  • In case of accidents and death our team ensure efficient communication with client’s insurance company
  • SezTravel have a network of service providers inclusive of medical professionals, funeral parlours etc

On the field Services:

  • A team of staff providing solutions to issues and queries relating to client accommodation, transfers, transportation, entertainment and other general queries at hotels and on the phone.


  • Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm ( Saturday and Public holiday 8-12noon)
  • Web booking 24/7
  • An experienced and trained team of dedicated agents and consultant with in depth knowledge of all our products
  • Reservation team providing a one stop shop approach to tourism services
  • Card facilities for most payment options


SezTravel provides an integrated approach to transfers of its client. We deliver comfort, quality, reliable, safety and timeliness. All our vehicles are fitted with GPS, air conditioning and are ideal for your perfect holiday and all transfers in Seychelles.

Airport Shuttle Service

Our Airport Shuttle Service is designed to get you to your hotel in the quickest possible time in style and comfort. Our shuttles operate with airline arrivals and departure and our chauffeurs will professionally pick you up from the airport to your hotel and back.

Car Hire

SezTravel has a fleet of comfortable and safe cars to suit all tastes and occasions. Whatever takes your fancy in Paradise, whether self touring the island or relaxing in chauffeur driven vehicles, SezTravel will ensure your wish is our command whilst you are stay in paradise.


SezTravel has put together a collection of bespoke adventures, attractions experiences and tours in Seychelles. From boating to helicopter tours, Seychelles is the place to spend your holidays. Our tours are designed to provide you with the idyllic Seychelles holidays.

Honey Moons

Seychelles is a great escape for your romantic holiday. Now that all the wedding plans are over allow SezTravel to plan your amorous time in Eden.


SezTravel provides its clients with a range of lodgings inclusive of five star resorts, guest houses and local stays. These accommodation options cater to the differing budgets, desires, needs and styles of our clients. SezTravel has the accommodation type to suit your ideal holiday in paradise.