Idyllic Seychelles

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Sezholiday.com is brought to you by Sez Travel, a Seychellois owned travel company providing a ‘one stop shop’ services to clients visiting the beautiful islands of Seychelles. Sez Travel has established partnerships with various quality service providers to ensure that your stay in Seychelles remains a memorable one. Our services range from excursions, transfers, transportation, accommodation, and lots more.

Services at Sez Travel are designed to provide our visitors with an idyllic Seychelles Holiday. Our staff are highly trained and equipped to assist from the time you book with us all the way to when you leave Seychelles and beyond. Sez Travel aims to develop a long term relationship with its customers. Your custom is of great value to us and for this reason we have put together various products to ensure your satisfaction. Sez Travel operates 24/7 to ensure your needs are met throughout your holiday in Seychelles.

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Eden Island Sight Seeing Tours

Explore the creativity of human kind by visiting this fascinating man-made island. Eden Island is decked with private yachts, restaurant, Eden Bleu Hotel and the fabulous Eden Plaza.  Eden Island is a feast for the senses. Against a backdrop of undulating green mountain peaks and the deep blue seas lies this tiny island with lots to offer.


Beach Hopping Tour

The Beach Tour is designed to bring you the best beaches of the main island of Mahe, Seychelles has to offer. The Seychelles archipelago is rich in turquoise waters flanked by perfect white sandy beaches that make the archipelago unique by a thousand miles. The tour takes you from your hotel and the coach meanders round the coast of Southern Mahe. Enjoy the natural tapestry of undulating mountain peaks with its fascinating granite outcrops and the intermingling of mountain landscapes and the vast blue seas that makes Seychelles, a an idyllic paradise. The topography of the landscape and the vegetation is a real feast for the eyes.

Mahe – Northern Tour

Tour takes you to Bel Ombre where you will walk in the footsteps of legendary Indian Ocean Pirates. Listen to tales of the greatest treasure hunt ever undertaken in Paradise.  The trip then backtracks down the northern coastal areas of Mare Anglaise, Glacis  to name a few then taking you to other spectacular beaches and tourist sites.  Perfect stopovers have been woven into the trip, these include visits to KreolFleurage and at a Boat Maquette Maker. The stopovers are excellent means to interact with local artisans and manufacturers. This is a perfect beach and cultural experience for visitors to the Seychelles.

Victoria Tour

Come with us on this amazing historic tour of this quintessential Seychelles town. Bask in its architecture, natural beauty and listen first hand to the amazing stories that make this town so special! End the day with a leisurely walk in the botanical gardens and get up close and personal with the Coco de Mer and the giant tortoises.